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Welcome to our nonprofit site!

September 10th, Happy 2nd Birthday Ayden Michael!

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This site is dedicated to fighting the war on SIDS.
Sudden Infant Death is very real and is the major cause of death in infants after the first month of life. Each year SIDS claims more lives then cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, child abuse, AIDS, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy combined. I am doing all I can to fight this war, so can you.

This site will present information on the Heavens Angels SIDS Support Group, facts about SIDS, and personal stories and pictures. I hope more people educate themselves about this horrible syndrome, there are ways to reduce the risk. Although nothing is foolproof, I think all babies are worth the effort of trying.


Ayden Michael born to Shawn and Breanne Gibson September 10th 1999 taken from us February 11th 2000, another victim of SIDS.

Mission Statement

The groups mission is to #1 support the bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents and anyone who has had their lives touched by this tragedy, educate as many as possible on Sudden Infant Death, raise funds for research, and most importantly find the answers to stop this terrible thing!

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